The Beginning

I would like to seize this opportunity to thank you personally and on behalf of Thamer Fund council and the beneficiary students. Your generous contribution and support to the Fund since day 1 is invaluable and has been critical to its success and continuity.

Thamer Salman Fund for Educational Solidarity was officially launched on May 26, 2013, as a new initiative of Ajman University of Science to broaden the scope of the aid packages offered to its students.

Since its creation, Thamer Fund has received 430 applications for support. With your noble assistance and other contributors, we have been able to respond to 42% of these applications by which hundreds of students and graduates have been able to overcome the financial obstacles hindering their academic progression, and are now one step closer to fulfilling their academic goal.

As we feel proud of what Thamer Fund has achieved in this short period of time, we are working hard to widen its scope of activities, to accommodate as many applications as possible and to extend the range of aids we provide to Ajman University students.

I reiterate my humble appreciation for your encouragement and contributions. We look forward to your relentless support towards Thamer Fund.

God bless you. 

Abdalla Saeed Salman

Manager, Thamer Fund