AU Thamer Fund Contributes Dh9.5m to 864 Indigent Students in 6 Years

Tuesday, Dec 03, 2019
AU Thamer Fund Contributes Dh9.5m to 864 Indigent Students in 6 Years

Ajman University (AU), as part of its social responsibility, has supported up to 864 indigent students with scholarships, worth Dh,9,500,000, in six years.

The beneficiaries constitute some 60 per cent of the 1,434 applications Thamer Fund has received since its inception in 2013.

Recently, Ajman University has given a facelift to the Thamer Fund website, which is now accessible in Arabic and English, to be more interactive and user-friendly.

Contributions can be made via bank deposits, or online at: ( Donations, from Dh5 to Dh500, can be made by sending sms to certain Etisalat and du numbers, as elaborated on the website.

To be eligible for support, the applicant must be enrolled in Ajman University, have a minimum of 30 credited hours, and have a minimum AGPA of 2.5.

He or she must not have been subject to a disciplinary penalty except verbal or written warnings, and must not be benefitting from an internal scholarship, except for discounts provided by the University’s relevant regulations.

Thamer Fund was initially founded to help students with financial difficulties. The late Thamer Salman (RIP), AU Vice Chancellor, 1999 – 2013, played a prominent role in supervising the Fund. He was deeply involved in the lives of students. He, therefore, decided to launch the “Joint Fund”.

That Fund was a source of relief for hundreds of destitute students who managed to contribute their university study and got the degrees of their dreams.

In 2013, after the sad demise of late Thamer Saeed Salman, Ajman University decided to name the fund after him; and hence the Joint Fund became “Thamer Fund for Educational Solidarity”.

Now, the fund has a board of directors, an executive committee and permanent sources of funding. It has become a bright reflection of Ajman University commitment to social responsibility.