Thamer Salman Fund for Educational Solidarity provides financial assistance exclusively to the following category of students enrolled at AU who:

  • Completed their graduation requirements but could not obtain  their graduation degrees because of pending financial dues.
  • Suspended their studies because of pending financial dues.
  • Completed a minimum of 30 credited hours of study at Ajman University and whose academic progress is challenged by pending financial dues.
  • Be a dependent child of an AU employee of grade 6 or lower.


To be eligible to the Fund’s support, the applicant:

  1. should be enrolled at AU.
  2. should have a minimum of 30 credited hours.
  3. should have a minimum AGPA of 2.5.
  4. should not have been subject to a disciplinary penalty by AUST Student Discipline Committee, except verbal or written warnings.
  5. Should not be beneficiating from an external aid or internal scholarship, except for discounts provided for in the University’s relevant regulations.