To benefit from the Fund’s services, the following steps must be followed:

1. Submit an initial application through Thamer Fund website to get an Application Number.
2. Provide t the required data approved by the relevant University departments and units.

  • Fill out Thamer Fund Application Form.
  • Provide the applicant’s financial and academic records for data validation.

3. To provide the following duly attested and valid documents:

  • Passport copies of family members.
  • Tenancy contract with electricity and water bills.
  • Sponsor’s salary certificate.
  • Sponsor’s bank statement.
  • Other tuition bills.
  • Medical certificates, if any.
  • Sponsor’s death certificate, if any.
  • Supporting authenticated documents, varying in nature depending on the case.

4. The Scholar ship & financial Aid reviews the received applications and supporting documents and prepares a final list of applications with a summary statement on each of them. The Scholar ship & financial Aid submits a report including all case studies to the manager who, in turn, submits it to the Council.

5. Incomplete applications are not considered.

6. The Council reviews all the accepted applications and assess them on a merit basis.

7. Once an application is approved, the Council determines the amount of financial aid to be paid to the eligible student, within the limits of the available funds.

8. Applicants will be notified of the Council’s decision by SMS and email.


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